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Change Your Focus from Internal to External

For most advisors, marketing, or “prospecting,” is a challenge.

They try everything: Cold calling, cold “drop bys”, calling from purchased (or provided) lists, calling their “warm market,” seminars, webinars, networking, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn connecting strategies, mailings, advertising in publications—even billboards.

Any of these can work, at least to some degree. But if none of them are working for you, maybe the problem isn’t your method of marketing. Maybe—somehow—your fears, doubts and insecurities about being rejected or making a mistake are in the way.

I believe that success in our marketing starts with changing our focus—from being obsessed with our fears and needs to being obsessed with the fears and needs of others.

Thoughts like, “I really need this sale,” “I can’t screw it up,” “I might get rejected,” and “I’m not sure I really know enough,” are replaced with, “I want them to be comfortable,” “I want to give them the most value I can,” and “I want them to understand.”

Turning your perspective from being internally focused to externally focused may be the most valuable change you can make in your business.

Right now, for instance, we’re in the middle of a Pandemic and dealing with an extremely volatile market. And things out there in the world can be pretty challenging for people. Your clients and prospects are facing real difficulties and they may not be in the mood to talk about working with you or even meeting you. But there’s nothing personal in any of those reasons for saying NO to you, is there?

There is no rejection. All these NOs should mean to you is that you need to get the attention of more people, add more value to their lives, and be more persistent.

The world is starved for people who are willing to serve, rather than sell. And one of the benefits of changing your view from internal to external as I’m suggesting is that the fear and negativity that you’ve been associating with marketing and prospecting disappear.

How can you add more value to the lives of existing clients? How can you ask them about family members and friends who are not getting what they need? What can you write about, share, or send that might make a difference in their lives?

Answer these outward-focused questions and use your best marketing methods—and you’ll see more business.

If you want help figuring all of this out, contact me today. In the meantime, keep REACHING…


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