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Certain success is guaranteed this year if . . .

Certain Success This Year Is In Your Hands

Do you feel really successful right now? If not, when do you feel that way?

If I ask someone to identify successful people, he or she is likely to name people who are rich—or, as one of my daughters used to say, “way rich” or “way famous,” using external measures that are common in our society. Ours is not the only society or time in history when people have measured success in this way.

But are you really successful if you are way rich or way famous and are still unhappy? In the late 1800s, Edward Arlington Robinson wrote Richard Corey, a poem about a wealthy, handsome, “successful” man who everyone admired, until the day he went home and put a bullet in his head. In the 1970s, Paul Simon used the poem to create a hit ballad.

Look around today and we see the most famous movie and sports stars—people who “have it all”— committing suicide, addicted to drugs, and being tried for acts of violence. There are signs everywhere that success of the external kind may not make us feel successful.

For a long time after leaving my law practice, I made less money than I did as a lawyer. But I felt considerably more successful. Today, although I make significantly more money than I did then, I still understand that money is less important to my own internal feeling of success than some of the other things in my life.

What makes you feel successful? Here’s how you tell:

• First, complete three sentences that are uniquely yours that read like either of these:

“I know how successful I am by how _________”

Or, “I know I am successful when_________” (fill in the blanks). It’s important that you use either of these exact sentence structures.

• Next, tweak your sentences until you feel a tingle—and you know you’ve written what you truly believe.

• Finally, start living in a way that has you doing the thing that makes you feel successful whenever you can. Notice how having this statement in writing starts to tug you in small—or even significant—ways toward doing what makes you feel the best.

You’ll find a more detailed explanation of these principles and a worksheet you can use in the “Free Stuff” section of my website. Once you’ve started, if you’d like a complimentary coaching session on how to complete and use it successfully, call me toll-free at 888-289-5551 or e- mail me to arrange it.

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