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Don’t Let Anyone Dampen Your Burning Desire

Don’t Let Anyone Dampen Your Burning Desire.

At 23, right out of college, Anita took a job with a large payroll processing company that sold its services to small businesses. She learned to cold call, both on the phone and by walking into business locations in retail malls and industrial parks.

At 25, Anita was starting to make more money than her friends who took office jobs, but she had a burning desire to start her own business.

Anita’s parents and brothers all had “real” jobs, working regular shifts, and receiving weekly paychecks and benefits. When she told them, two years before, that she wanted to go into sales, they begged her to reconsider. Now, when she announced her intention to start her own telemarketing business, they begged her not to do it.

Their love for her was unquestionable. They just believed that this move would surely end in disaster. “It’s a terrible time to start a business,” her father insisted. “Companies are laying people off.”

“Please consider getting a job with a company that has medical benefits and a retirement plan and regular income,” her mother pleaded, “Going into your own business is way too risky.”

Her brother told her she was crazy. “You’re making a big mistake,” he warned.

Anita contacted me for a complimentary session. “What do you think I should do?” she asked.

“Anita, they’re afraid-for you and for themselves-and that’s okay,” I told her. “But is this something you really want to do?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “But everyone I care about is telling me I’m making a mistake.”

“What do you think?” I asked.”I can make this work,” she responded, without hesitation.

“Then, I’ll help you make it happen.”

Two years after she opened her telemarketing business in her apartment, Anita decided she needed a third employee and some real office space. She was now earning more than double what she had been earning when she was working for the payroll company.

Three years after she opened, her brother came to work for her.

Business success usually starts with burning desire. If you have it, don’t let anyone dampen your fire. The people to be most wary of are, ironically, the ones who love you the most. Their agenda is to protect you from yourself-to keep you in their “safe neighborhood.” If you’d like to learn more about the people who hold you back and the concept of the “safe neighborhood” order my book, The High Diving Board: How To Overcome Your Fears and Live Your Dreams.

If you’d like to get out of your “safe neighborhood” to pursue your burning desire, contact mefor a complimentary consultation. My only agenda is to help make your dreams a reality.

In the meantime, keep REACHING . . .


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