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Building a High Six-Figure Business Requires “Do or Die” Commitment

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Several years ago, I decided to do a local live business development program for a more than reasonable price. My goal was to enroll 20 advisors.

My coach at the time, Rich, was also working on a paid program of his own, in his case for coaches, which was at a higher price point than mine. His goal was to fill the program with 50 coaches. His time window was about the same as mine.

On the day before my program was scheduled, I had enrolled 15 advisors. I gave away five seats to fill the program. On the day before his program, Rich had enrolled 50 coaches.

His enrollment process was obviously so much better than mine that I had to ask him about it.

“Rich, how is it that you were able to fill your program with 50 coaches and I had to literally give away 5 seats of my 20?”

Rich’s answer was life-changing:

“I was 100% committed to enroll 50 coaches in my program,” he replied, “and you weren’t 100% committed to enroll 20.”

Rich went on to explain that if you’re 100% committed to make something happen in your business—or in your life—you will make it happen. If you’re any less committed, you might not. 90% probably won’t do it, and 50% definitely won’t do it.

But I really thought I was 100% committed. I felt like I did the best I could. What was I missing?

Rich went on to explain that ‘doing your best’ is too low a standard. If you’re all in on something it’s ‘do or die’. It’s doing anything and everything it takes to make it happen.

It was clear from our conversation that he wasn’t telling me that I had to work longer hours, or more days, or sacrifice everything else in my life.  But I had to be focused at a level that was far more than best efforts, have a plan, and stick to the plan until I accomplished the goal.

Every week I talk to advisors who tell me that they want to make something happen—growing their business to a million dollars or more, being able to take the summer off, hiring a team to help them, etc.—but their commitment is like mine was, they were doing their best…and it just wasn’t enough!

Throughout history, most of the notable achievements came from ‘do or die’ commitment: The Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and so many others succeeded because they had it and they were adamant that nothing would stop them.

What are you powerfully committed to making happen in your business?

And what are you doing right now to make that happen?

If you’re already grossing six figures and want to accelerate towards the mid-six figures or beyond, or to have a 3-day workweek without losing income, etc., you don’t need to find some shiny new prospecting system or strategy. What you do need are:

  1. A ‘do or die’ commitment to making that happen, and
  2. A tune-up of what you’re already doing to get it to a point where it satisfies that commitment

If you have the commitment, talk with me about the tune-up. My $4,500 90-Day Marketing Tune-up will change your business in a way that will help you for the rest of your career. Book a short, no-obligation conversation with me to see if this will help you get where you want to go.

And, as always, KEEP REACHING



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