Mar 07 2021

Be the Best Version of You… Not a Copy of Another Advisor

If you follow America’s Got Talent, you may remember the audition of Hunter Price.

Simon Cowell stops the young singer 31 seconds into his song, telling him a hard truth, “Hunter, I think what you were doing was very generic…”

Then he compliments him and challenges him with a question, “I think you have a great voice, so what’s missing?”

Hunter doesn’t know how to answer this question. So, Cowell follows it up with a more interesting question, “What artist do you look up to?”

Hunter replies, “I want to honestly be like Taylor Swift…” 

The audience laughs, but Cowell gives a nod of recognition. There’s something unique in receiving that answer from a 25-year old man.

Cowell invites Hunter to sing one of his own songs. And 12 seconds into the song, the audience erupts in cheers. They feel him. They want more.

When the song is over and the tumultuous applause dies down, Cowell asks Hunter what inspires him. He replies, “Well, when I sing, that was probably about 120 seconds that made every person in this room forget about every negative thing in their life…”

There’s another huge round of applause. But Cowell ignores it.  He says, “I’m going to be honest with you, Hunter. I don’t believe a word of that…”

There’s absolute silence in the room. 

Then Cowell asks Hunter to tell him about a low and a high point in his life. 

Hunter shares briefly how he’s lived alone since he was 18 and that there have been times where he hasn’t had enough to eat. Cowell tells him he has a good voice and some depth and the judges all vote for him to continue through to the next round.

Financial and insurance professionals who want to be at the top of their game need the same treatment. Someone to listen to their “song” to see if it’s really the one they need to be singing—to tell them hard truths, to challenge them to be better, to help them see what’s unique about them and to interrupt their patterns.

This is exactly the work I do. If you sense that this kind of conversation would help you, let’s try it just once.  What happens after that will be entirely up to you.

In the meantime, keep REACHINGon your own.





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