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Be Impressed, Grasshopper – Not Impressive

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“Master,” the Young Professional addressed his mentor, “You have told us that in order to hire us, a client must Like us and Trust us.”

“That is correct, Grasshopper,” the Master replied.

“I understand how I can earn a client’s Trust,” continued the Young Professional, “But how do I get him to Like me in the short time I might be in his presence?”

The other professionals snickered at this simple question, but they were secretly glad their classmate was so bold as to ask it, because they did not know the answer either.

The Master smiled gently and explained, “To be liked, you must try to stop being liked.”

A look of confusion passed across the students’ faces, and although he was blind, the Master could see it.

We want to talk about our education, our skills and our accomplishments. We want our clients to see how well we dress, and the fine vehicles and homes we have acquired through our efforts. We want them to warm to our smiles and our conversation,” the Master explained, “but what our clients want is for us to like them.”

To be Liked by a client, Grasshopper,” the Master continued, “the client must perceive that you like him–that you are impressed with his accomplishments, however small they might be, and that you care about him.”

“Ah,” exclaimed the younger man, “I must be impressed, rather than impressive.”

“Good, Grasshopper,” the Master said gently smiling. “But it’s more than being impressed,” he continued, “You must Listen deeply and ask questions with Childlike Curiosity – not just about the problem you were trained to solve, but about his family, his hopes and his dreams.”

A light began to grow in the younger man’s eyes and, once again, the blind Master could see it.

What you seem to be saying, Master,” he began with excitement in his voice, “is that clients don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care. Is that it?”

“Yes, Grasshopper,” the Master replied warmly, “You have learned well.”

The younger man bowed, and the blind Master acknowledged it.

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