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Ask These Questions For Every Challenge

Ask These Questions For Every Challenge

Coaches like to point out that there are no problems… just challenges. But, no matter what you call them, if you’re out there working for a living, you’ve got them.

I can’t get enough good paying clients to support my family.

I’ve got clients, I just can’t get them to pay me.

I can’t get the job I really want.

I can’t figure out what I want.

These are… well… challenges. And they have us struggling to solve them. If you’ve been reading this e-letter, you know that I’m about the idea that you need to stop struggling. How about a structured approach? Every time you come up against a challenge, stop and ask yourself three questions:

1. What can I do to solve this problem?

2. Who can help me solve it?

3. What can I learn to help myself?

Steve is a personal injury attorney in Michigan whose practice seemed to have slowed down. After years of making large sums of money and settling one case after another, his caseload is lighter than it has been in a long time. I instructed Steve to answer these three questions for me.

What can I do to solve the problem?

Steve’s first answer was, “I just don’t know.” But after some coaxing, he admitted that he could probably spend a little of his free time showing his gratitude to the attorneys, clients and others who have referred him cases. That was the first of many answers he has come up with over the past few weeks.

Who can help me solve it?

The first answer to this question came easily. Steve hired me to help him solve the problem. But one of my first questions in this capacity was, “Steve, who else can help you?”

After a session or two, Steve had a list of people he could ask for help: People to ask for referrals, and clients and others he could ask to spread the word that he was taking on more cases.

What can I learn to help myself?

I gave Steve a reading list of books that would help motivate him and direct his activity. After starting the first book, Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Revisited and my book, The High Diving Board , Steve called me all excited.

“Sandy,” he said, “I picked up three new clients this week and I’m reading Gerber’s story about the hotel-and I get it!”

I would be happy to help any of you who would like reading recommendations for your particular circumstances. Contact me at

In the meantime, keep REACHING…


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