Jan 24 2021


When I was working in the field training advisors, I was struck by how often they would arrange a conversation with a prospective client only to end up at a home with a dark porch or with an office no show, or that dreaded last minute cancelation.  

Branch managers would actually tell new advisors not to call to confirm the appointment before going to the house, because calling would give the prospect an opportunity to cancel. Especially if your business model (pre- and post-Covid) is to visit clients at their home or office, why would you waste your time traveling if they don’t want to see you?

And all of this still happens, even in the days of Zoom calls.

While nothing will serve as a 100% cure for the problem, if it’s happening to you more than you believe it should, it’s probably because you didn’t make the appointment real enough for the prospect. 

Once you’ve set the appointment, you need to:

  1. Make sure there’s an actual agreement to meet, strengthened by a conversation about why the meeting is important to the prospect. Do they have a calendar where they keep these appointments? If they’re a couple, will they both be available? Are they sure there’s nothing that might come up that would cause them to need to reschedule?
  2. If there’s time, send them something before the call. At the very least, reach out to tell them that you’re looking forward to the meeting and that you’ve cleared your calendar for them.
  3. Ask some exploratory questions.  Once the appointment is set, the pressure is off–them and you. So, ask if they have time for a few questions.  This is another way to make the appointment real, and a good portion of your fact finding can be done before the appointment.
  4. Give them a picture of the meeting. “Park here…take the elevator to the third floor…tell Sherry, our receptionist, that you’re here to see me.” Or, “Is it easier to take Main Street or Shelton?… How will I recognize the house? Should I park in your driveway or on the street?… Will you leave a light on for me?”

If a prospect is a no show or cancels without a good reason, it’s probably because the appointment wasn’t real or important enough in their minds.  Slow down and make it real.

And, of course, keep REACHING





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