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Feb 20 2021

A Lesson From Tom Brady About the Winning Mindset

Maybe you’re tired by now of hearing the name Tom Brady. But bear with me here one more time… 

Years ago, rapper and millionaire entrepreneur Jesse Itzler, bought a race horse with a bunch of friends, including Tom Brady. They named the horse “Guts”. 

Itzler tells about the horse, this way:

The horse came in 2nd in its first 3 races (which is absolutely AMAZING) and we were convinced we had something special.

Right after the next race, I called TB to give him the results from the track. I said:

“Great news… Guts came in second again!”

The phone went silent.

Finally, after a long break Tom said:

“This is terrible”

I said “Terrible?  There were like 10 other quality horses and we came in second.”

Brady said:

“Jesse, this horse needs to understand what it’s like to win.”

I said “Tom… it’s a horse.”

He said:

“It doesn’t matter what it is.”


Brady didn’t make his school’s JV football team.

He was 7th on the depth chart when he arrived at Michigan, meaning there were six quarterbacks ahead of him.

When Brady was drafted by the NFL out of college, 198 players were taken before him.

He was 4th on the depth chart when he joined the Patriots.  Most 4th string QBs never dress for a single game… let alone start a game.

Maybe, as with Brady’s career, you are your city’s next GREAT Financial Advisor, and you just don’t know it yet…

Maybe it’s YOU they’ll be talking about when they’re looking for the Top 10 advisors in your city…

Or, maybe you’ll be that naturally talented advisor about whom they say, “He never fulfilled his potential.” 

One more thing…at every stage of his development as the top quarterback in the NFL, Brady had a good coach involved in his success.

What do you have?

Whatever it is, use it, and keep REACHING






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