Aug 02 2021

7 Ways to Outwit the Devil

In Napoleon Hill’s OUTWITTING THE DEVIL, he gives us 7 principles to help achieve mental, spiritual, and physical freedom from the Master of Evil:

    1. Definiteness of purpose. Decide on your purpose… a grand aspiration, a monster goal, and move towards it with ruthless abandonment.
    2. Mastery over self. Discipline equals freedom. If you’re driven by impulse all your life, you’ll go nowhere, like a drifter.
    3. Learning from adversity. Failures are just failures. Whether you learn from them or let them stop you is up to you.
    4. Controlling environmental influence. Who you spend time with matters. What your room looks like matters. What your car looks like matters.
    5. Time. Time can make drifting and negativity permanent. But it can also make positivity and wisdom permanent.
    6. Harmony. In order for you to balance mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of your life, you must be the main actor.
    7. Caution. Always act. But always think before you act.

Hill tells us, “Don’t allow setbacks to turn into lasting indecisiveness. It’s you versus the devil. Don’t let the devil win.”  

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