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“If you want to be successful, get more knowledge.”

This was the advice from Top of the Table member Douglas Eze, at the conclusion of my interview with him a few weeks ago.

Eze emigrated from Nigeria to Canada after finishing high school at age 18. At 23, he moved to the U.S. At 24, he was working as a server in an IHOP when he was approached by a woman who gave him her card and told him he would be good at the work she was doing in the insurance business.  Before he had been in the business 10 years, he made Top of the Table.

Eze attributes his success to a few simple lessons:

  1. Build an agency. You can grow your business on your own but recruiting agents and helping them grow their practice will help grow your practice exponentially.
  1. Send letters to prospects that provide value. Eze learned from a successful advisor that he could send a cold letter to someone attaching an article or something of interest. His letter would basically say, “You have a unique business and I have a unique business. Let’s get together for coffee or lunch and talk.”

With LinkedIn, Eze told me, it’s even easier than it used to be because you don’t really even need to look for them.

  1. Have something that makes you different. Eze talked about finding the MoneyTrax program, “Circle of Wealth,” and using it to prospect.

He would ask a prospect, “What if I could help you find money in places that you’re throwing money away unknowingly and unnecessarily?” Then he explains his proprietary program to get them completely out of debt, including mortgage debt in 9 years, building cash value at the same time and suggests they sit down to talk.

  1. Be open to learning and collaborating with people that are more successful than you.

“A successful person wants to teach you stuff, but they don’t have the time.  I realized that quickly and figured out that if I’m going to talk to a guy that is making 1 million, 2 million, 3 million, 4 million dollars a year in the business, the only way I’m going to get his attention is to bring him a very successful client, so I can sit back and watch him and learn everything he’s got.”

  1. Set up workshops in clients’ homes. Rather than ask for referrals, Eze asks his clients if they’re happy with the information he’s shared and the product he has found for his client.  Then he asks if they know anyone who would benefit from having the same knowledge.  When they say “yes,” he asks to set up a workshop in their home:

“Why don’t we do a financial literacy workshop at your house? I’ll pay whatever it’s gonna cost for the food and I’ll come in and educate your family and friends about the importance of money and the things you learned. Have them over the same way you’d invite them over to watch a ballgame—a basketball game or whatever.”

“Become a student of the business”, Eze concluded. “Watch other advisors on YouTube, read books about the business and find mentors who can teach you things.”

You can watch my entire interview with Douglas Eze on YouTube at or listen to the podcast at

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