Dec 27 2020

10 Thoughts about your business for 2021

I want to share 10 random thoughts about your business that may help you as the new year rolls in on us:

1. If you make ‘security’ or ‘certainty’ your goal you’ll be a failure.  Security and certain are the lowest forms of happiness.

2. A major reason advisors are not successful is that they make it all about them. Getting clients, making money, building their reputation etc… You’ll always do better if your focus is on others (clients, prospects, COIs, friends, etc.) than you’ll do if your focus is on you. Make it a habit to help 5 people a day in some way—and watch what happens.

3. Unsuccessful advisors ask negative context “why” questions and successful advisors ask positive context “how” questions. Which is better: “Why are you doing it that way?” vs. “How can we improve on that?”

4. People do things for their reasons and not your reasons. Stop talking about benefits that they don’t care about and listen to what they DO care about.

5. When it comes to growth, pain and discomfort are pretty much guaranteed, but struggling and suffering are optional.

6. Your level of HUNGER will dictate 95% of your success. The “how to” is easy and anyone can learn it, as long as the “want to” is there.

7. Your clients continue to work with you, despite all of the competitors who want to pick them off,  partly because they like you, but mostly because they believe that you like them. Make sure that’s the case.

8. If you want to know how Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage, and Mike Tyson went broke after making hundreds of millions of dollars… I have two words for you that are in your ball park: ‘Asset Allocation’.

9. People want to be educated but they’d rather be entertained. Spend time coming up with ways to be entertaining and provide entertainment.  Beyond that, they want you to TELL them what to do.

10. Your greatest successes will come through other people. If you want to grow a successful business, HIRE SOMEONE. You’ll never be “ready” to do it. You’ll argue about the affordability, the training time, how easy it is to do it yourself, how much time and money will be wasted if it doesn’t work out, etc. But you know I’m right. The trick is to DO IT. And when you do, more business and money will follow.

Let me know if any of these helps you set intentions for 2021. Have a great New Year and KEEP REACHING





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