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Which Pony Would YOU Buy?

The story below is from an article by Jay Abraham. I’m passing it on to you this week because it’s a great illustration of a concept every professional and business owner should understand.


A farmer wanted to buy a pony for his little daughter.  There were two for sale in his town.  Both ponies were equal in all aspects.

The first salesman told the farmer he wanted $500 for his pony, “Take it or leave it.”

The second salesman was selling his pony for $750.  But the second man told the farmer he wanted the farmer’s daughter to try out the pony for a month before the farmer had to make any purchasing decisions.  He offered to bring the pony out to the farmer’s home along with a month’s worth of hay to feed it.  He said he’d send out his own stableman once a week to show the little girl how to groom and care for the pony. He told the farmer the pony was kind and gentle, but to have his daughter ride it each day to make certain they got along together.

Finally, he said, that at the end of 30 days, he’d drive over to the farmer’s place and either take back the pony and clean up the stall, or he’d ask, right then, to be paid the $750.

Which pony do you suppose the farmer decided to purchase for his daughter?


If your product or service is truly a commodity, so that it seems to a prospective client or customer to be no better than that provided by a lower-priced competitor, price will be the only thing that matters.

For everything else, the client or customer will NEVER make the decision on price alone.  Show up powerfully when you make your offer, and you’ll be worth the higher amount. Your service is part of the package you’re selling.

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