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You Already Know Enough

Troy is the National Account Representative for a company that provides and maintains Point of Sale (POS) software.  His job is to generate long-term service contracts throughout the United States in chain stores utilizing his company’s systems.

Troy is constantly making calls, but he only earned $50,000 last year.  In the current economy, he is earning about half of that.

“I’ve taken dozens of expensive sales training courses and have read hundreds of sales books,” Troy told me during our initial coaching conversation.

“I’ve known you for years as a real student of sales,” I responded, “But it doesn’t seem to have turned itself into income for you.  What do you think that’s about?”

“I’m not sure,” Troy answered.

In a previous article, I talked about the distinction between wanting to and choosing to—how there are many things we want that we haven’t yet chosen to pursue.  I also talked about how choosing actually helps to overcome fear and/or ignorance about how to make strides.  However, many professionals who consult me appear to be well-informed.  They DO know how to; they’re studying it all the time!  But they STILL haven’t chosen to.

“If I don’t have enough clients,” they think, “I need to take another course [or read another book or listen to another audio].”  But if this sounds like you, the truth is that you probably already know enough, and you don’t need to obtain more information.  You may already know plenty about how to get more clients, or how to get your business running properly, but you still need to choose to do these things.

In his book, Straight-Line Leadership, my colleague Dusan Djukich identifies this issue as having the wrong “inner stance”.  If your inner stance about why you’re not moving forward is a belief that you don’t know how to get ahead, instead of a belief that you haven’t yet chosen to get ahead, you’ll keep going to seminars and reading books, instead of taking the action you [know you] need to take.

If, on the other hand, your stance is one of choosing to, you’ll continue to study as you go and apply whatever you learn with definitive purpose.

Troy has spent years studying everything there is to study about selling services, but he hasn’t chosen to put that knowledge into action.  So while he may be working hard, he keeps doing the wrong kind of work.

What’s your inner stance?  If it’s a choose to stance, not knowing enough is an easily fixable condition.  You will learn as you move forward, finding and applying the information you really need as you go along.

You already know enough!  Now choose to take action and go after what you want, and if you really need it, get more information on the way there.  Contact me now to talk about how you can fix your inner stance, and keep REACHING…

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