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You DID It!

Congratulations! You’ve made the *COMMITMENT* to get a summer long kick-in-the-pants by Sandy Schussel–a commitment to get your practice going.

Don’t forget, our games begin soon.  The 90-minute sessions will be held on line and on the phone every Tuesday, at 4 pm Eastern/3 pm Central/2 pm Mountain/1 pm Pacific starting July 22nd.   The tentative Syllabus is as follows:

Session ITuesday, July 22ndStarting with Power

  • What makes one advisor successful while another struggles, and what to do about it
  • 4 Avenues of Business Development
  • Working with your “inner circle”

Session 2Tuesday, July 29thMore Appointments

  • Engaging people you meet
  • Meeting people on purpose
  • Networking Skills
  • Referrals

Session 3Tuesday, August 5thMore Sales

  • Keeping more appointments
  • Slowwwing Down
  • Better fact-finding
  • Better conversations
  • Getting to “Yes”

Session 4Tuesday, August 12thMore Referrals

  • Using the Mastering Client Referrals program
  • The 3 Referral Competencies
  • Developing a “Referral Mindset”
  • Preparing to ask, and asking

Session 5Tuesday, August 17thMore Referral Appointments

  • Contacting a referral
  • Deserving referrals
  • Referrals from non-clients
  • Working with Centers of Influence

Session 6Tuesday, August 26thMarketing and Sales Systems

  • Seminars/Workshops/Client Appreciation Events and other forms of marketing
  • Marketing your expertise
  • Social Media and Compliance
  • Tips for more Sales
  • GraduationDSC00342

Details for accessing the live webinar sessions will be sent to you soon.  But don’t wait until the 22nd.  We’re giving you access to Sandy’s entire 9-session audio program, MASTERING CLIENT REFERRALS, here.  Download these audios and start making changes TODAY.

Each session will also be recorded, in case you have to miss any.
It’s never too late to strengthen your practice and ignite the winning business you’ve always envisioned!

If you have any questions for Sandy in the meantime, please CONTACT HIM.  Otherwise, you’ll hear from him soon…

16 Disciplines

I suppose it would have been more fun if I called them 16 “hot tubs” for advisors, or less intimidating if I called them “practices,” but after 17 years of working with and observing how the most successful advisors, it's clear that there are branches of knowledge involved. 


Practice these simple 16 disciplines daily and watch how quickly and easily your practice grows.

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