Jan 10 2019

Richard Van Fleet

“A big thanks to Sandy for helping my employee develop into a sales rep with courage! I have seen an improvement in her recently and much of that improvement is because of him.”

Mar 22 2019

Fran Donlan

“Sandy helped me immensely to identify, address, and overcome some of the demons that have been keeping me from being the Financial Advisor that I wanted to be. Sandy has a unique ability to listen keenly and come up with solutions to make you move forward with confidence. I recommend him highly.”

Mar 10 2019

Kathie Morolda

“I am so grateful to have been in Sandy’s audience for at least six (that’s how many I can count right off the top of my head) of his presentations. I have to believe that many of his suggestions have been driving forces to my gallery’s success.”

Mar 10 2019

Hilda Silverman

“I was so pleased with the way my 30-second ‘audio billboard’ worked. First it brought a gasp from someone in the front of the audience. Then the speaker mentioned me during her presentation, showing how memorable I was. At the end, a guy asked for my card and commented how he liked what I had

Mar 10 2019

Lynn Schaber

“After reading Sandy’s book, I knew he was the coach for me. Sandy knows what it’s like to be on the bottom and to work your way up, but he also knows that it’s fearful to make that climb. Sandy has been able to walk me through my fear and put me on track to

Mar 10 2019

Joseph Milano

“Would like to thank my personal and professional coach, Sandy Schussel, this morning. He has been in my corner for years, but over the last 8 months, we have done some incredible work together and I am extremely grateful and appreciative for the impact and guidance he has offered me. Thank you, Sandy, for all

Mar 10 2019

Paul M. Mallett

“Regardless of how long you have been in our business…if you’re not satisfied with the amount of business you’re obtaining through referrals, you would be wise to listen to Sandy. I’ve done a lot of my own research–even written several of my own articles on this topic–and I can tell you this: Every time I

Mar 10 2019

Graham Locklear

“Sandy’s work is truly transformational. The differences between now and the time I decided to sign up with him are indisputable. I started working with him for professional guidance…Interestingly enough, I made positive changes in almost every area of my life. My business, my relationships, even my living situation improved! Sandy has a good heart.

Mar 10 2019

Khionne Awer

“Working with Sandy has built my confidence tremendously. He has renewed my energy by breaking down my business and getting straight to the meat and potatoes of what it takes to be effective and get results. We identified–and I learned–exactly what is needed to execute consistently. My results were almost immediate and I have a

Mar 10 2019

Julia Lembcke

“Sandy has allowed me to find what drives my passion in my business and allows me to connect with that passion to become the best advisor I can possibly be. I have been using his services for one month and already my business has TRIPLED when compared to January last year. He teaches me how to communicate