Olga Espiritu

“I worked with Sandy as my coach recently, trying to pick up my business again after maternity leave. I recommend that you consult him, because it’s an opportunity to grow and expand your business/income. He used to be our company coach, and no one besides him and my manager at the time helped boost my career so much when I needed it most, those years ago. What I love about Sandy is that he specializes in working with people in our industry and line of work. If you get the opportunity to talk with him, take advantage of it. Talk to him and see if he’s someone who’d be worth your while to invest some time with. He has been for me.”

Olga Espiritu, Financial Services Representative

Kenneth A. Armstrong

“I engaged Sandy because my business, although successful, had stopped growing. I considered pursuing another professional credential but quickly realized that wasn’t going to be the spark I was looking for. After an introductory conversation, I felt Sandy was not only sincerely interested in helping me, but very qualified as well--so I hired him on the spot. Sandy is thoughtful, talented, insightful, and skilled at getting to the heart of the matter. I’ve learned to slow down and ask more questions to gently lead people to realize they need what I have to offer, without telling them so directly. My business is growing again and I’m having much more fun. Thank you, Sandy, for your insights and your caring. I’m grateful for all you have done for me.”

Kenneth A. Armstrong, Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

Terry Lindner

“I have worked with Sandy on many different occasions over the years. He is insightful as a coach, experienced as a mentor and trainer, and can provide guidance and motivation to any business professional. If you are looking to improve your sales skills, time management skills, or your overall performance, then I highly recommend Sandy.”

Terry Lindner, ChFC

Paul M. Mallett

"Regardless of how long you have been in our business...if you're not satisfied with the amount of business you're obtaining through referrals, you would be wise to listen to Sandy. I've done a lot of my own research--even written several of my own articles on this topic--and I can tell you this: Every time I have spoken with Sandy, I have learned something powerful I could put to work immediately. Keep up the good work, Sandy. YOU are a hero!"

Paul M. Mallett, Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent

Michelle Koss

“When Sandy invited me to join his program, I jumped on the opportunity. I wanted to boost my practice so that I could be at home with my children as much as possible, without losing income. I wanted to work fewer days and make more money. Sandy’s workshop was really helpful, but even more so, in the individual coaching sessions, he got me to commit to making more appointments and getting more referrals on the days I’m working. Now, I am earning more money without giving up my time to be with my family.”

Michelle Koss, Sr. Financial Services Representative

Jenna Ramsey

“I want you to know that none of this would have happened if it weren’t for the time Sandy so graciously spent with me. He has a talent and intuition that allows him to conceptualize his clients’ thoughts and form them into solid, tangible results. When trying to describe what he does, I think of those 3-D pictures that have an image imbedded in them but you can’t see the picture unless you look at it just the right way. Sandy is the vision that allows us regular people to make sense out of our puzzled minds and chaotic ideas. It was right in front of us all the time!!!”

Jenna Ramsey, President, Creative Administrative Solutions

Amanda Puppo

“When I told people I wanted to quit my sales job and start a business, everyone told me I was crazy. Everyone, that is, except my coach, Sandy Schussel…With Sandy’s help I left my sales job and started my business. That was three years ago. I’m happy to report that I’ve doubled the money I was making at my old job and living my dream. I’m absolutely sure that none of this would have happened if I hadn’t started working with Sandy.” HEAR AMANDA’S TESTIMONIAL

Amanda Puppo, President, Market Reach, Inc.

Kevin Wile


Kevin Wile, President, Wile Insurance and Financial Services

Kathie Morolda

“I am so grateful to have been in Sandy’s audience for at least six (that’s how many I can count right off the top of my head) of his presentations. I have to believe that many of his suggestions have been driving forces to my gallery’s success.”

Kathie Morolda, Artist and Gallery Owner

Ruth Greenwood

“Sandy, if you need to goose your clients into leaping for their dreams, you can use me as a case study. Tell them you told me this was what I should be doing…”

Ruth Greenwood, Songwriter

Marc Essenfeld

"Until this year, I was the CEO and major shareholder of a commercial artisan bakery. Sandy helped me work through a myriad of daily challenges both professionally and personally as we sold the company.  During our time together, he helped me transition from the CEO of a family owned company to the CEO of a corporate subsidiary in an effort to help me maximize my final equity payout. I would recommend Sandy to any CEO who is willing to invest the time and energy to create a better organization.  He can help you be a better leader and deal with the issues that are holding you back from reaching your full potential."

Marc Essenfeld, Entrepreneur


“We had a coaching call this evening–well…actually, it was my boss’s session, which I have been so fortunate to have been included in for the second week in a row! And I have to tell you that, since before even arriving at work this morning, I was excited about the scheduled call this evening. I am amazed at how much I take away from the coaching call with Sandy–something I probably never would have had the opportunity to experience, had it not been for my boss.”

Kari, Paralegal

Scott Goldman

“As soon as Sandy and I started working together, things started changing for the better. One of our goals was to get my company to the point where I could sell it to a larger acquirer. Well, the deal closed yesterday, a year ahead of schedule, with a buyer who was better than I could have imagined! Sandy really helped get me to where I wanted to be.”

Scott Goldman, President, Eaton Hall Exhibitions

Howell Burnell

“Sandy got me past my own games. Now I live life on purpose and every minute brims with potential. If that sounds like hype, you don’t know Sandy. He is a competitive advantage in business and a fulfilling gift in life.”

Howell Burnell, Charlie Creative

Nevena Vujosevic

“I have the great pleasure of working with Sandy Schussel as MY coach. He has been a true inspiration with very exact and powerful impulses.”

Nevena Vujosevic, Business/Life Coach
CEO, NEV Coaching & Consulting

Rachel Neufeld

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Simple words filled with gratitude and reverence!”

Rachel Neufeld, Senior Account Executive, Proforma Spectrum Graphics

Daniel Robinson

“When I started working with Sandy, I was not happy with my income. It was low and barely increasing as time went on, even though I had been in the financial services business for years. Plus, I was doing everything exactly as I had been taught! A month or two into our work together, I started to see big changes in my appointments, referrals–and, most important to me, my income. I had my best January ever, and although I thought it might be a fluke, February was even better. The slow times had really stopped happening. After six months, we were done with our work. I was on track for a six-figure income and sure that if I kept using my new mindset and skills, nothing would threaten that. Sandy tells me that I did all the work to make that happen, but I know that it wouldn’t have happened without his help.”

Daniel Robinson, Registered Financial Representative

Kevin Murray

"I can say from personal experience that one hour of Sandy’s coaching has become as valuable as a life raft on a sinking ship. After working with him, it seems like other ‘coaches’ are in slow motion. Sandy Schussel rocks!”

Kevin Murray, RFC

Hilda Silverman

“I was so pleased with the way my 30-second ‘audio billboard’ worked. First it brought a gasp from someone in the front of the audience. Then the speaker mentioned me during her presentation, showing how memorable I was. At the end, a guy asked for my card and commented how he liked what I had said. I proudly replied, ‘Sandy is my coach!'”

Hilda Silverman, Me n Mommy Coaching

Julia Lembcke

"Sandy has allowed me to find what drives my passion in my business and allows me to connect with that passion to become the best advisor I can possibly be. I have been using his services for one month and already my business has TRIPLED when compared to January last year. He teaches me how to communicate better with clients and how to work smarter, not harder. Thank you, Sandy!!!"

Julia Lembcke, Certified Financial Planner, URS Advisory

Lynn Schaber

“After reading Sandy's book, I knew he was the coach for me. Sandy knows what it’s like to be on the bottom and to work your way up, but he also knows that it’s fearful to make that climb. Sandy has been able to walk me through my fear and put me on track to have a really successful practice.” HEAR LYNN’S TESTIMONIAL

Lynn Schaber, Marketing Executive

Fran Donlan

"Sandy helped me immensely to identify, address, and overcome some of the demons that have been keeping me from being the Financial Advisor that I wanted to be. Sandy has a unique ability to listen keenly and come up with solutions to make you move forward with confidence. I recommend him highly."

Fran Donlan, VP Wealth Management, AWMA®/CRPC®

Barrie Byron

“Sandy is an incredible combination of polished communication skills, public speaking prowess, and professional coaching acumen. At our 30th anniversary celebration, his keynote speech ‘Conceive it. Believe it. Achieve it.’ was a strong example of preparation, persuasion, and inspiration. It is my honor and privilege to recommend Sandy as a public speaker, writer, coach, and leader.”

Barrie Byron, Technical Writer

Chelsea Tisdale

“Sandy is truly an expert. Whether you launched your business in the last year or ten years, he can truly change your sales perspective. From the moment I started working with him on getting referrals I gained new clients. Not just any clients–the ones I always struggled with getting. Thanks, Sandy, for bringing me to a new level of greatness!”

Chelsea Tisdale, Sr. Executive Account Manager, AdFinity

Ben Griffith

“I have known Sandy for over a decade. His work really helps you achieve your potential. I recommend him to all my colleagues in the financial services industry.”

Ben Griffith, CFP
Independent Financial Advisor, Raymond James & Associates, Inc.

Richard Van Fleet

“A big thanks to Sandy for helping my employee develop into a sales rep with courage! I have seen an improvement in her recently and much of that improvement is because of him.”

Richard Van Fleet, President, Creative MediaWorks, Inc.

Graham Locklear

"Sandy's work is truly transformational. The differences between now and the time I decided to sign up with him are indisputable. I started working with him for professional guidance...Interestingly enough, I made positive changes in almost every area of my life. My business, my relationships, even my living situation improved! Sandy has a good heart. I know he cares about the progress of his 'students' and I know I have made a friend and confidant for life."

Graham Locklear, Professional Search Consultant, O'Neil Search Group

Lori Boxer

"Sandy, I want to thank you for your fabulous presentation last night before my colleagues and me in the Rock Solid Referrals chapter of BNI. I really appreciated how, when speaking with you a month or so ago and trying to put into words exactly what I wanted you to speak about, you intuitively knew what I was trying to say. Last evening, you hit the nail on the head. You gave all of us some really great tools to use as relates to being laser-focused on one goal at a time, and learning to recognize the differences between urgent and non-urgent priorities.  I can't thank you enough for the wisdom and guidance you shared with us in a casual, fun, and informative way!"

Lori Boxer, Director, Weight No More Diet Center

Anita Fresolone

“When we booked Sandy, he dove right in to customizing a talk that would fit our needs. He really listened to us, and that resulted in a presentation that was full of useful information, solid examples and great suggestions. It inspired the audience to take a look at their businesses and see where they could make improvements….and that was certainly the goal!”

Anita Fresolone, Marketing Director, Palmer Square Management

Khionne Awer

"Working with Sandy has built my confidence tremendously. He has renewed my energy by breaking down my business and getting straight to the meat and potatoes of what it takes to be effective and get results. We identified--and I learned--exactly what is needed to execute consistently. My results were almost immediate and I have a hunch they'll be everlasting."

Khionne Awer, Financial Advisor, Citigroup

Elise R. Holtzman

“If you are looking to find new clients more quickly and easily, and with less stress, then you must call Sandy Schussel! I highly recommend Sandy as a speaker, coach, and mentor. I have heard him speak on numerous occasions and have hired him as my private business coach. He is extremely intelligent, has extensive experience with all types of businesses, and delivers practical and fresh information in a focused way. Even better, he is professional, kind, and funny, and helps you realize that anyone (even you!) can become a Client Magnet when given the right tools. Believe me, not all speakers and coaches are created equal. Get to know Sandy–he is one of the very best.”

Elise R. Holtzman, Esq., ACC “The Lawyer’s Success Coach”

Janice Coleman

“Sandy is an excellent presenter. His ability to connect with an audience is evidence of his capacity to understand the ‘hearts’ of people. He is a also compassionate professional and I believe that his compassion fuels his ability as a coach to help individuals as well as those in the corporate world to move from a ‘stalled’ position toward the goals/destination that they desire to reach. As a professional and as a friend, I, without reservation, recommend Sandy Schussel.”

Janice Coleman, Career Consultant
CEO, Janice Coleman Corporation

Rich Vaill

“I first met Sandy about 4 years ago when we were members of the same networking group. I then came to a crossroads in my life where I needed to hire a career coach, and I immediately thought of Sandy. I decided to work with him for eight sessions, and the results were outstanding. Through his coaching, I was able to get myself on track and into a job that was much better suited for me. I learned how to focus on getting results and not waste time and energy on things that weren’t important. We also discussed some entrepreneurial ideas that I had and will be working on in the future. Sandy gives you support when you need it, and holds you accountable to your committments. I have already recommended Sandy to others, and will be working with him again in the near future. If you’re looking for a business or career coach, I highly recommend him.”

Rich Vaill, Vice President, Provident Bank

Lucia Trozzi

“I decided to work with Sandy because I could see he was really passionate about being a coach and wanted to help me realize my potential and dreams. In the time he’s coached me I have accomplished so much including auditioning for the Radio City Rockettes! Sandy’s coaching is motivating, practical, and effective and I would highly recommend his strategies for anyone ready to fast-forward toward their goals.”

Lucia Trozzi, Dancer

Ron Singer

"One of the premier coaches in the business. I would refer him without reservation."

Ron Singer, Registered Insurance Broker


Ryan Smith

“Sandy has been a true catalyst in my developement as an advisor and a business owner. I found him at a point in my career where I knew I had tools for success but had no idea how to use them. Not only did Sandy show me how to use those tools, but he gave me many more. In addition, he helped me get my thought processes organized, which brought my focus to a new level. When we started working together, my income was not anywhere near where I wanted it to be, but more importantly, I had a lot of anxiety about how to get the ball rolling on a career I really loved. Sandy helped me tune out all the noise, and almost instantly, drastically improved my income and my ability to maintain the right state of mind. Sandy definitely put me on a great trajectory and he provides what’s needed for me to stay on it. Thank you, Sandy. I am truly in your debt.”

Ryan Smith, Senior Associate

Joseph Milano

"Would like to thank my personal and professional coach, Sandy Schussel, this morning. He has been in my corner for years, but over the last 8 months, we have done some incredible work together and I am extremely grateful and appreciative for the impact and guidance he has offered me. Thank you, Sandy, for all you do. The true definition of a scholar and a gentleman!"

Joseph Milano, Managing Director, AIG Financial Network
Author Finding Human Capital

Scott Richardson

The best investment I made in my business. Sandy used to be an attorney so he knows how professionals think and what issues they deal with. I don’t have to explain all that ‘other stuff’ to him; we can just focus on what I want to accomplish. He helps me see where my actions are not consistent with my stated goals and holds me accountable for what I say I want to be up to–in life and in my business. He also keeps reminding me about what would liberate me from drudgery and demands that I take action to accomplish that. Sandy will get you off your pedestal and out into the arena of life. Then you will be howling and complaining to him about what you are going to do with all of the new clients that you’ve generated.”

Scott Richardson, Hurwitz Injury Law