Ask for What You Need.

Let’s talk movies.  My father loved the “lone hero” characters played by Gary Cooper, who faced off with all of the bad guys virtually solo in the 1952 movie High Noon. To my dad, Cooper represented the idea that action heroes had to find their way by themselves.  Dad believed that strong, successful people don’t

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

In 2005, Steve Jobs—CEO of Apple and of Pixar Animation—gave the commencement address to the Stanford graduating class of approximately 5,000 students. “I never graduated college,” he began, and then he told three stories. The first story was about “connecting the dots”.  Jobs told how he dropped out of college, but continued to attend classes

Make an Offer, and Let Them Say “No”

Nineteen years ago, I needed lifesaving surgery.  I worked hard to find out who the surgeons with the best reputations were, and then I made separate appointments with each of three doctors who had been most highly recommended. The first surgeon I met with did not impress me one way or another.  The second told

Too Many Clients

While some of my clients would love to have this problem, many of the professionals I work with who have been at it for years actually complain that they have too many clients, and they are concerned that they can’t service all of them adequately. But the real problem isn’t that there are too many

What Are You Seeing?

When you look at your practice (here you can also insert “business”, “career”, or “life”), what are you seeing? Is there a picture of how you want it to be?  A compelling vision that drives your work and interactions with people?  Are you on a mission to bring your message or your help to more

Concentrate On One Room Until It’s Done

Ron, an insurance agent in the northern part of Texas, had the worst sales record for life insurance in his branch. “I want to do better,” he told me during our first coaching call, “but I guess I’m just afraid of prospecting.”  I asked Ron if he had ever talked with his more than 600

Choose Your View

I want to share another e-mail with you: Dear Sandy, My grandmother, with whom I was very close, passed away in August. I was feeling good before that. I was feeling positive, confident, enjoying my career and the possibilities laid out in front of me.  Since her death, however, I have felt the opposite: negative, lacking

Success Is a Choice

Almost everyone knows that to succeed at anything, you need: A clear, specific goal A step-by-step plan to reach that goal Immediate and massive action on the steps of that plan A willingness to persist until you reach the goal. If you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich or are familiar with Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret, you know that