Are You “Recommendation Worthy”?

“I talk to my clients occasionally about introducing me to someone they know who might need my help,” expressed Art, a matrimonial attorney I work with. “But they always tell me that they can’t think of anyone.” “Maybe that’s true,” I suggested. “Do you have a value discussion before you get on the subject of recommending you?”

Big Change Ahead / Handling Objections

Who has time to read these blogs, let alone write them? I have made a couple important decisions about REACHING… that I want to share with you. Beginning next month, the e-letter that leads to this blog will no longer be updated weekly. We’re going back to the original monthly format. The focus will be

Why They’re Not Calling You

Before anyone will call you about your services, they have to know you’re there. My friend, Connor, tells a story about a tree limb that fell on his lawn. His wife, Judy, concerned that the neighborhood children could get hurt playing on it asked him to call someone to cut it up and haul it

Too Persistent?

“I just read about Alicia and how reluctant she was to promote her business,” Jeanie, a long-time subscriber wrote me this week, “But what about someone who is too persistent?” “We know a husband and wife real estate team who are aware we have no interest in selling our house. They call to ask for

Even Engineers Sell

Even Engineers Sell “I’m an engineer, Sandy, not a salesman,” my client Ted pleaded, “Why do you insist on talking about sales?” “Ted,” I asked, “there are a lot of engineers who do what you do out there. Why do clients choose you?” “Wait, that’s not fair,” Ted exclaimed. “You answered my question with a

Burning Desire Epilogue

“Burning Desire Epilogue” Last week I wrote about Anita, whose loving parents and brother did all they could to discourage her in her burning desire to open her own business. I told you how by encouraging Anita not to let anyone dampen that burning desire, I helped her launch a successful telemarketing business, and how

Do What You Do Best

Joan is a sales representative for a company that supplies a line of software solutions to other businesses. Joan told me she was unhappy with her company because she wasn’t selling enough to earn a decent living.  In addition, her manager didn’t give her enough support, and she didn’t think the pricing of their products was