There was a salad restaurant near my old office that I used to frequent for lunch.  The owner, Frank, was a hard-working, service-oriented man.  His staff would mix the salads to order, putting in grilled chicken, or pasta, or whatever else you might want.  Customers were always greeted with warm smiles. Frank eventually opened a


“What do I have to do to get more of the clients I want?” Todd, an attorney who is trying to become an equity partner in his firm, asked me. “The better question,” I responded, “is who do you have to BE to get more of the clients you want?” Todd was, understandably, confused. “What

Live by Your Values…or Bruce’s Values (Revisited)

One way to be sure that you’re living the life you want is to identify what your values are, and then to allow all of your actions and decisions to be based upon those values. My friend Bruce, who died a few years ago, lived by five values that he shared joyfully with anyone who

It’s Okay, but Can I Ask You Why?

In conversations with clients and prospective clients, all professionals and salespeople eventually run into what is commonly referred to as an “objection”. Most initial objections, however, are not really objections at all.  They’re Automatic Negative Responses (ANRs). You walk into a department store to buy a picture frame for your mother for her birthday.  You

Set It…And Forget It!

“Set it…and forget it!” the announcer tells us about the rotisserie oven he wants us to buy. Get it started, set the timer, and walk away.  The bell will ring when the chicken is done and the cooking will stop on its own. You won’t overcook it.  I like to use this phrase when I’m