The “Approach-Avoidance Tango”

It can happen to anyone who sells a service:  We speak to someone who is thinking about hiring us.  She calls again with a question and leaves a message to call her back.  We’re enthusiastic about the prospect of working with her—but when we return her call, she’s suddenly unavailable—forever. This is the “Approach-Avoidance Tango”,

10 Rules for Working with Clients

My friend Rich works for a large regional bank and sometimes does seminars for his fellow bank employees. Rich was kind enough to share his notes with me from a seminar he presented, entitled “Rules for Working with Attorneys”. It was clear to me that with a little editing, these rules could apply to work

It’s Okay, but Can I Ask You Why?

In conversations with clients and prospective clients, all professionals and salespeople eventually run into what is commonly referred to as an “objection”. Most initial objections, however, are not really objections at all.  They’re Automatic Negative Responses (ANRs). You walk into a department store to buy a picture frame for your mother for her birthday.  You

Three Ways to Blow a Referral Appointment

********************************************************************* There’s still time to sign up for my 10-week teleclass on Client Referrals, which starts this Thursday, April 28! **********************************************************************   Your good client, Joan, has referred you to her friend, Marie. You’ve arranged it so that Marie is expecting your call.  You make the call…and don’t get the appointment.   Maybe you’re making one

I Could Close Anyone, If Only…

I doubt that it’s true when professionals say to me, “I could close anyone, if I only had enough people to see,” or “Anyone who comes into the office becomes a client…I just can’t get enough people in.” ANYONE? Well, suppose I accept that proposition.  What keeps them from having enough people to see? Before