As If Your Life Depended on It…

I pushed too hard the other day.  Or did I? I was trying to get Janis, a relatively new financial services representative who works at a branch of a large insurance company, to take the last available seat in my workshop program.  I had offered her help with the tuition, and she had committed on

The “No” Game.

“I know it’s crazy,” exclaimed Barry, a young financial advisor in New Jersey, while on the phone with me.  “I want to be in this business and I want to be successful, but I can’t bring myself to make the phone calls I need to make—and if I don’t, obviously, none of that will happen.”

Don’t PLEASE People; SERVE People

In his recent Harvard Business Review article, “The End of Solutions Sales,” Matt Dixon reported the results of a study of 20,000 salespeople around the world.  The study grouped salespeople into five distinct profiles: 1. Challengers: These are salespeople with a provocative point of view that they’re not afraid to share with a customer.  They

Einstein’s Tip: Cure Insanity

Burt, an independent financial planner who was already making a good living, was looking for a way to further increase his sales. With my coaching help, he started a marketing (“prospecting”) program that was based on my Client Magnet discipline, paying attention to the fact that clients are usually tuned to radio station WII-FM (“What’s

Make Your Final Offer

You need more business.  You need responses to your offers.  But you’re plagued by prospects who don’t respond to your emails or your calls.  Or worse, they “dangle” you like a fish at the end of their rods: They react favorably in the moment, and then become unreachable.  You hear, “Yes, we should talk,” and

Stop Being a Victim!

You reach a certain point in your practice and then you come down with AD–Arrested Development. You need to stop being a Victim and take ownership of your practice.

Make Everything OK

Several months ago, a Facebook friend shared with me this “Magic Button”.  Use it RIGHT NOW by exerting less effort than Dorothy did; just CLICK ON IT TWICE!!!  Once to navigate beyond this page, and again once you’re on the Magical Site.  Just a few seconds, and you’ll be beyond the rainbow: OK, now that you’ve been

Are You Taking Action, or Making Excuses?

Beware the “BUT” Monster “I couldn’t make calls for new business this week like I said I would,” my client, Rick, lamented a few years ago, “Because you forgot to send me the chart you promised.” It was true.  I had agreed to email Rick a “Master Sheet”—an Excel spreadsheet that could serve as a

It’s Okay, but Can I Ask You Why?

In conversations with clients and prospective clients, all professionals and salespeople eventually run into what is commonly referred to as an “objection”. Most initial objections, however, are not really objections at all.  They’re Automatic Negative Responses (ANRs). You walk into a department store to buy a picture frame for your mother for her birthday.  You

Maybe You Didn’t Ask Enough Questions

A member of my e-letter family, Paul, wrote me to tell me he liked the “date” analogy in my article, Stop Asking For Referrals. Paul shared an experience many of us has had: I met with a couple in their sprawling suburban home.  They were worth at least $13 million dollars.  Some of that money