Build Your Business through Your Best Clients

Yesterday, my coach, Rich, called me with only one purpose.  He wanted to tell me that I was doing well!  We didn’t have a scheduled appointment. This marked the third time in our working relationship that Rich had called me simply to say “Great job!” or to offer his help. I’m telling you about his

What Do YOU Do?

I’m not a big fan of the ‘elevator speech’, because it often leads to a cutesy, stilted, ‘salesy’ presentation of what we do.  It’s confining, like the elevator it’s designed to be used in. I’ve been helping professionals for years to understand the importance and liberation of what I call their ‘audio billboard’.  If someone

How NOT to Succeed in Business

I consulted last week with a financial advisor I’ll call Alex, who had two concerns: (1) He was feeling “overwhelmed”, and (2) he was not happy that his income was “inconsistent”.  2012 would be a great year for him, he told me, if he could only solve these two problems. I learned that Alex had

Tell Them WHY

My client, Scott, sent me the video link last week to a TED Talk by author Simon Sinek, explaining his “Golden Circle”.  I’ve seen this video before, but for some reason, it had an even more powerful impact on me this time. “People don’t buy what you do,” Sinek explains.  “They buy why you do

Boo! Serve, Surprise, and Delight

Growing a practice or a business is way easier than most professionals and service entrepreneurs make it out to be. Their problem is that they’ve been taught that they need to be frantically and furiously networking, buying and then contacting members off of “hot lists”, writing press releases and making public appearances, and bombarding social

The Kick-in-the-Pants Contraption

I just received the following e-mail from Melinda, who owns a unique invitation and engraving store in Islip, New York.  She is a graphic designer and does beautiful work right on her premises. Melinda had sought out my help on a project that we went on to complete successfully.  Toward the end of our work

Be on a Mission!

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill concludes that nothing happens until someone has a “burning desire” to make it happen. There has to be a decision and a commitment to make it happen—a mission to see it through. When I talk to a prospective client for my individual coaching work, I’m looking for someone

How to Stay Motivated

Last week, I stopped working with Ed, a financial advisor in Michigan. Ed wanted me to give him the “magic formula” that would double his income.  He wanted to get results he hadn’t been getting by merely learning some “new tricks”.  Most importantly, he wanted me to motivate him. Ed didn’t want to do the

Become an Expert

A few years ago, I asked one of my clients, Carrie, if she had started thinking about saving for college for her one-year-old daughter, Megan. “It’s funny that you’re asking me this now,” Carrie replied, “Because I just recently sat down with a specialist in college planning.” When Carrie told me the name of the

Overwhelmed–or Exhilarated?

Nick is a successful financial advisor who is working with me on doubling his income this year. He agreed to call me on the Monday following his vacation to talk about the impact his time off had on him, but he didn’t—not on Monday, not on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Nick finally phoned to apologize for