Happy Holidays! I have no e-letter for you today, just a link to a wonderful, moving video about customer service and imagination. Enjoy your holiday and get ready for an incredible New Year. It’s only 3 minutes long and I promise you it will be worth your while. Here’s the link: Customer Service Video Please

What Stories Are They Telling About You?

If you want more clients, the goal of every existing client relationship should be to get your clients to tell stories about their “magical” experience working with you.You don’t have to win your case, or save them from the devastation of a recession, or get that old spot out of the carpet, but you do

Turn Your Clients Into Fiercely Loyal Advocates

So, you want your clients to be fiercely loyal advocates for your business or practice. You want them to shower their friends and associates with enthusiastic testimonials and shower you with unsolicited referrals. It happens for other professionals; why not you? Compare these two experiences: Awhile ago, I went into the Men’s Department of a

Are You “Recommendation Worthy”?

“I talk to my clients occasionally about introducing me to someone they know who might need my help,” expressed Art, a matrimonial attorney I work with. “But they always tell me that they can’t think of anyone.” “Maybe that’s true,” I suggested. “Do you have a value discussion before you get on the subject of recommending you?”

Start Building Your Practice with People You Already Know

If you need a plumber, would you prefer to hire someone you found in the local phone book, or someone your neighbor used for a similar problem and recommends highly? If you need surgery, would you prefer finding your surgeon through your research on surgeons.com or seeing a surgeon who performed successful surgery on a

They need us now more than ever

As the economic downturn continues, we find ourselves with two distinct choices: We can cry or we can create. We can take action or we can make excuses. We can be owners or we can be victims. We can tap into the “gloom and doom” mindset all around us and talk “Victimspeak,” or we can

Don’t Let Them Scare You!

Monday’s terrifying financial news may have your clients running scared. You may be finding that people are holding back. Contracts aren’t being renewed and new people just aren’t signing on. Even referrals are dwindling.If you’ve already been confronted by the hysteria, or you’re worried that it’s about to happen, don’t succumb to the herd mentality.

Bring the Four Swordsmen of Client Service With You

Bring the Four Swordsmen of Client Service With You Part II of Lessons From the Master:Building Trust I received a lot of positive feedback from last week’s discourse between the Young Professional and the blind Master. One subscriber, however, asked about the statement the Young Professional just tosses out about knowing how to build Trust

Be Impressed, Grasshopper, Not Impressive

Be Impressed, Grasshopper, Not Impressive “Master,” the Young Professional addressed his mentor, “You have told us that in order to hire us, a client must Like us and Trust us.” “That is correct, Grasshopper,” the Master replied. “I understand how I can earn a client’s Trust,” continued the Young Professional, “But how do I get