Make an Offer, and Let Them Say “No”

Nineteen years ago, I needed lifesaving surgery.  I worked hard to find out who the surgeons with the best reputations were, and then I made separate appointments with each of three doctors who had been most highly recommended. The first surgeon I met with did not impress me one way or another.  The second told

It’s Okay, but Can I Ask You Why?

In conversations with clients and prospective clients, all professionals and salespeople eventually run into what is commonly referred to as an “objection”. Most initial objections, however, are not really objections at all.  They’re Automatic Negative Responses (ANRs). You walk into a department store to buy a picture frame for your mother for her birthday.  You

Maybe You Didn’t Ask Enough Questions

A member of my e-letter family, Paul, wrote me to tell me he liked the “date” analogy in my article, Stop Asking For Referrals. Paul shared an experience many of us has had: I met with a couple in their sprawling suburban home.  They were worth at least $13 million dollars.  Some of that money