“Approach-Avoidance Tango” Revisited

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the problem that occurs when a prospective client runs “hot and cold”—approaching you as if he’s interested and then blowing you off as if he’s not.  I called this phenomenon the Approach-Avoidance Tango, because it has the air of a dance. After reading my advice, Mitch, one of my

Become an Expert

A few years ago, I asked one of my clients, Carrie, if she had started thinking about saving for college for her one-year-old daughter, Megan. “It’s funny that you’re asking me this now,” Carrie replied, “Because I just recently sat down with a specialist in college planning.” When Carrie told me the name of the

What’s Your “Default Future”?

I know we’re in the middle of a heat wave throughout the United States, but I couldn’t help thinking of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol this week.  Ebenezer Scrooge would have died a lonely, miserable man with no one to say a kind word on his behalf…if something unexpected hadn’t happened.  In his case, that

The “Approach-Avoidance Tango”

It can happen to anyone who sells a service:  We speak to someone who is thinking about hiring us.  She calls again with a question and leaves a message to call her back.  We’re enthusiastic about the prospect of working with her—but when we return her call, she’s suddenly unavailable—forever. This is the “Approach-Avoidance Tango”,

Overwhelmed–or Exhilarated?

Nick is a successful financial advisor who is working with me on doubling his income this year. He agreed to call me on the Monday following his vacation to talk about the impact his time off had on him, but he didn’t—not on Monday, not on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Nick finally phoned to apologize for

Make an Offer, and Let Them Say “No”

Nineteen years ago, I needed lifesaving surgery.  I worked hard to find out who the surgeons with the best reputations were, and then I made separate appointments with each of three doctors who had been most highly recommended. The first surgeon I met with did not impress me one way or another.  The second told

Too Many Clients

While some of my clients would love to have this problem, many of the professionals I work with who have been at it for years actually complain that they have too many clients, and they are concerned that they can’t service all of them adequately. But the real problem isn’t that there are too many

How to Lose Your Clients: 7 Sure Strategies

Today I want to give you some pointers on how to lose clients.  Losing good clients is relatively assured if you follow these simple directions: 1. Avoid regular communication. Make sure that you never let clients know what the status of their case is.  Don’t proactively report to them on a regular basis, whether you’re

It’s Okay, but Can I Ask You Why?

In conversations with clients and prospective clients, all professionals and salespeople eventually run into what is commonly referred to as an “objection”. Most initial objections, however, are not really objections at all.  They’re Automatic Negative Responses (ANRs). You walk into a department store to buy a picture frame for your mother for her birthday.  You

Three Ways to Blow a Referral Appointment

********************************************************************* There’s still time to sign up for my 10-week teleclass on Client Referrals, which starts this Thursday, April 28! **********************************************************************   Your good client, Joan, has referred you to her friend, Marie. You’ve arranged it so that Marie is expecting your call.  You make the call…and don’t get the appointment.   Maybe you’re making one