Live by Your Values…or Bruce’s Values (Revisited)

One way to be sure that you’re living the life you want is to identify what your values are, and then to allow all of your actions and decisions to be based upon those values. My friend Bruce, who died a few years ago, lived by five values that he shared joyfully with anyone who

How NOT to Succeed in Business

I consulted last week with a financial advisor I’ll call Alex, who had two concerns: (1) He was feeling “overwhelmed”, and (2) he was not happy that his income was “inconsistent”.  2012 would be a great year for him, he told me, if he could only solve these two problems. I learned that Alex had

Okay, but Only Two More! I Mean It…

I hope you are getting the most you can out of this “season of miracles”.  There’s always room for something more than you expected. I usually don’t post an article of any kind in the last week of December, but I was so astonished by how quickly my five 90-minute-coaching gifts were snatched up, that…

The Kick-in-the-Pants Contraption

I just received the following e-mail from Melinda, who owns a unique invitation and engraving store in Islip, New York.  She is a graphic designer and does beautiful work right on her premises. Melinda had sought out my help on a project that we went on to complete successfully.  Toward the end of our work

Stop Blaming the Poor Economy!

Everywhere you turn, the news is bleak…“double-dip recession”, “millions out of work”, “nine percent unemployment”, “housing prices down”… But there are corporations sitting on huge sums of cash, and people who provide services just like yours who are making money, despite the economy.  Are they just luckier than you are?  Or, perhaps, are they thinking

Be on a Mission!

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill concludes that nothing happens until someone has a “burning desire” to make it happen. There has to be a decision and a commitment to make it happen—a mission to see it through. When I talk to a prospective client for my individual coaching work, I’m looking for someone