Go (or DRIVE) the Extra Mile

In early December, my younger daughter, an actress, had a brilliant idea for a New Year’s marketing campaign.  “What if I could send casting directors and producers a little moving image of myself somehow—like, they could open a box and there, my reel would appear, before their eyes?  Like Princess Leia in her holographic message,

Field of Dreams

Whatever you think of Kevin Costner, he is the star of one of my favorite movies (which, thankfully, also features James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta).  In Field of Dreams, Costner’s character, Ray Kinsella, hears a whispered voice that tells him: “If you build it, they will come.”  Against the advice of all family members and friends, and

The “No” Game.

“I know it’s crazy,” exclaimed Barry, a young financial advisor in New Jersey, while on the phone with me.  “I want to be in this business and I want to be successful, but I can’t bring myself to make the phone calls I need to make—and if I don’t, obviously, none of that will happen.”

It’s Just the GREAT POTOO!

My friend and fellow coach, Jason Westlake, took six executives deep into the Amazon last month for an unforgettable coaching/jungle experience.  He spent several weeks before the group arrived working with scientists in a remote area that has been barely touched by civilization. Here’s how he described his first night there: I slept by myself

Lessons from a Life Lived

Corey Rudl was an Internet Marketing Pioneer who—in June, 2005—tragically died in a car-racing accident.  At only 35 years old, his professional success was already an inspiration to millions of people in both the “online” and “offline” worlds.  What follows are the Five Lessons he used to preach to anyone who would listen: Lesson #1:


My coach, Rich Litvin, emailed me this week to share a story from his own life that I wanted to pass along to you: Last month, I told my coach, Steve Hardison, that I am ready to play a much bigger game.  So, he asked me: “Who do you want to coach?“ A name came

Don’t Ignore Referability

Last November, my mother received a well-written letter from a law firm offering to represent her in a tax appeal, which might bring about a refund of some of her real estate taxes.  A simple “Attorney Representation Agreement” and a return envelope were enclosed. My mother, who understandably defers to me on legal matters, asked

Stop Being a Victim!

You reach a certain point in your practice and then you come down with AD–Arrested Development. You need to stop being a Victim and take ownership of your practice.

Burn Your Boats…

When ancient Greek warriors landed on a shore to conquer an island, their Generals motivated them in a powerful way: They ordered the boats that brought them to the island to be burned, so that there would be no way to retreat. Burning your boats is a good way to motivate yourself to do the

What’s Keeping You from Having What You Want? (Do You Dance?)

“…And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance!  I Hope You Dance.” —Lee Ann Womack I’m going to admit something to you now that not every coach will admit: Sometimes, coaching doesn’t work. The professionals I work with usually seek me out to deal with one of two major