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Start with a Goal…

Thomas Edison had a ridiculous idea in 1878–to create a safe, cost-effective lamp that ran on…electricity!

Everyone knew that attempts to use electricity to create light had resulted in fires, explosions, and meltdowns; it could never be used to safely light anything.

Edison, however, believed that it was possible to use electricity to create a safe, economical lamp that ran on electricity. So, he invited reporters from New York to his Menlo Park, New Jersey laboratory, where he announced that he would invent his new lamp, along with a way to link it to power stations via underground cables, in six weeks.

Edison was aware that he would probably have to enclose his lamp in glass, so he had glassblowers on staff. He knew he would probably need some experts–electrical engineers and mathematicians–so he had them available. The only thing he had no clue about was what he would put in the lamp to make it work.

But Edison was certain that he would end up doing what he promised, because he had a system.

1. Announce your goal
2. Develop a daily plan to reach the goal
3. Take immediate and massive action on the plan, and
4. Persist until you succeed

Edison knew that having a plan, even a simple one–even a stupid one, was far more likely to get him results than having no plan. And Edison’s plan was painfully simple:

Randomly test any material or combination of materials until you find what works.

Edison believed that to find the combination of materials he might need to make his lamp work in the time he promised, he would probably have to work through a few hundred experiments. But after six weeks, despite immediate and massive action, he was no closer to finding something that would make his lamp glow without exploding, burning, or melting than he was on the day he announced his goal.

Most people would have given up at this point, but Edison persisted for thirteen months.

In 1879, using low current electricity, a carbonized thread, in a vacuum inside a glass globe, he was able to produce a reliable, economical, long-lasting source of light that ran on electricity.

What do YOU want to create?

Anyone can follow this simple formula and, with the help of a coach or someone to hold him or her accountable, can reach his or her goals.

Want to find great systems and create a thriving practice?  Let’s have one deep conversation about what’s holding you back.

In the meantime, keep REACHING…


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