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10 Steps to Referral Mastery in 9 Audio Sessions


This LIVE recording of Sandy’s 9-week Teleconference Series will give you his 10-Step Referral System for getting clients that has already doubled and tripled the income of hundreds of financial advisors and insurance professionals who have put it to use.  The approach is specifically designed to make it more comfortable to engage in referral conversations and to turn existing clients into willing partners in the referral process.

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27 Strategies to Boost Your Client-Attraction Factor


If you want to attract more clients confidently and professionally, and not feel like that salesman on the used car lot with the bad hairpiece and the loud plaid jacket, this is the book to read! Become a Client Magnet is powerful, succinct, serious and, at the same time, light-hearted. You’ll find it visually interesting, and very easy to digest. Sandy Schussel presents you with 27 Strategies to Boost Your Client-Attraction Factor!  Read and integrate the simple messages in this book, and your business or practice will reach new heights of success.


I was lucky enough to receive your book—Become a Client Magnet—as a gift.  I’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed it and that I found it incredibly valuable and helpful.  I read the whole book in a single sitting and then immediately started reading it again.

I am a lawyer by training and I have a coaching practice.  Most of my clients are professionals seeking greater levels of joy and fulfillment in their lives.  I’ve already sent one client a copy of your book—and I know I will be sending more.  I so appreciate your ability to appreciate professionals and speak to their specific struggles.  I am so glad I can share your wisdom with the people I support.

I know yours is a book I will turn to for instant inspiration and direction as I continue to grow my own coaching practice. 
Michelle Bauman, J.D., M.A.

This compact, impactful book is the perfect antidote to an economy that has forgotten how to sell—I urge EVERYONE who wants to EARN their way out of debt to get a copy of Become a Client Magnet now!
~Steve Chandler, Author of The Joy of Selling and Wealth Warrior

Sandy Schussel has a treasure chest of practical advice for professionals who want to market rather than “sell” their services.  A short but exceptionally thoughtful book.
~Al Ries, Author of War in the Boardroom

$11.95 (paperback-free S/H). 15% discount (plus free shipping) on orders of 20 or more.
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Also Available on audio CD!

BECOME A CLIENT MAGNET cd coverAs Read by Author Sandy Schussel!
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or Download the entire audio  immediatelyonly $9.99!

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How to Overcome Your Fears and Live Your Dreams

book1Based on his personal journey and the 10-Step Program he devised for his clients to take action instead of making excuses, Sandy shows how fear can be insidious, pervasive, and ultimately, conquerable. The book identifies the Seven Paralyzing Fears and includes a personal journal to help you commit to overcoming your obstacles and work through your 10 steps to reach your dreams.

$17.95 (free S/H) 15% discount (plus free shipping) on orders of 20 or more.



Ten Steps to Overcoming Your Fears audio cover

A step-by-step audio guide to living the life you want, by getting past the roadblocks and obstacles holding you back. Use it alone or in conjunction with The High Diving Board.

CD version  $19.95 (free shipping)

or Download the entire audio immediately, only $19.95!


Order THE HIGH DIVING BOARD and BECOME A CLIENT MAGNET together and SAVE…BOTH for only $24.00!!!

The High Diving Board/BECOME A CLIENT MAGNET book combo



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