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Do You Know Your Most Important Numbers?

After over 20 years working with financial and insurance professionals, I have learned that most of them don’t see themselves as business owners, so they …

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Do You Have An ‘Inner Game’ Challenge?

A batter steps to the plate, takes a few practice swings, and then takes his place for the first pitch. He knows where and how …

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Knowledge is NOT Power

Two advisors start their careers with comparable financial and social advantages and connections, and identical training and education.  One becomes highly successful.  The other doesn’t.  …

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Don’t Wait Until You Feel Confident

[Adapted from an article written by my colleague, Rich Litvin.  Most of the language is his] Meryl Streep has received a record 21 Academy Award …

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Don’t Put Your Client’s Friendships at Risk

A few years ago, Eric, one of my friends, asked me to refer him to an advisor who could help him increase his life insurance. …

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Here’s Why Your Fees Don’t Matter

Years ago, in my attorney days, I was sitting with a client, looking at her auto insurance policy in connection with a fender bender. In …

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Want to Know How Simple it is to Create a Million Dollar Business?

A long time ago…it seems like in a previous life…I was a practicing attorney with a growing practice.  I grew my business to six figures …

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The 6 Ps of Creating a Million-Dollar Business

My colleague, marketing expert Robert Middleton, recently shared his “6 Ps of Getting Out There and Making It Happen”. All of these are important for …

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What’s Your Why?

30 years ago, when my daughter Stefanie was nine and her sister Madeline was six, I was dying. I remember waking after my second surgery, …

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