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Of Course They Know Someone Who Needs Your Help, But…

Your clients aren’t introducing you to great prospects, and so your business isn’t growing like it used to – and like you want it to.

You’ve been telling yourself that they just aren’t coming across anyone who needs your help. And you’ve been believing this story. But it’s not true!

Even in the worst days of the pandemic, your clients had phone conversations with—and maybe even visited—family members and friends. Some of those connections need more insurance or have no financial advisor. Some have advisors, but they’re not happy with them.

But you simply weren’t on your clients’ minds when they got together.

The problem with your lack of introductions is not that they don’t know anyone who might need your help. It’s that you haven’t given them a reason to talk about you.

Even if you think you have a great relationship with clients, if they’re not introducing you to the people in their lives, there are only a few reasons:

  1. The relationship isn’t as good as you think.A great client relationship comes from incredibly outstanding service and astounding client care. You need to give a client a reason to say, “You know what my advisor did the other day?…”

A typical response from a family member or close friend will be, “Really, that’s amazing! Who IS this advisor? I can’t even get mine on the telephone when I have a question.”

Are you delivering in both these areas—service and client astonishment?

  1. You’re not giving them a reason to bring you up in conversation. Maybe you DO have a great relationship with your clients. But, here again, if nothing spectacular has happened, there’s no reason to bring you up in conversation.
  2. You’re not talking with your clients about getting introduced.There’s a whole art to this that I teach in many of my programs. But even if you do it badly, you’ll have more introductions than you will if you don’t do it at all.

The reason you’re not getting introduced is NOT that your clients don’t know anyone who might need your help or advice. It’s because they have no reason to introduce you.

The solution is to give them reasons. Boost your relationships with your best clients to a much higher level. You couldn’t possibly do it with all your clients—you wouldn’t have time for anything else—but make improving those relationships with your best clients an immediate priority.

Satisfied clients do not necessarily introduce you to the people in their world. To do that, they need to be so engaged that they want to talk about you to everyone. If look at your top 20 clients and you don’t see much in the way of introductions from them, you’re not doing enough to engage them.

Raise those top 20 from the level of being satisfied to the level of being engaged by serving them more deeply and astonishing them in ways that give them something to talk about. When they’re saying, “Do you know what my advisor did…?” new business will begin to flow in. You could increase your new business by 20% or more by just taking this one step.

Learning how to do this most effectively is part of my 90-Day Marketing Tune-up, which uses my unique Leveraged Relationship Model. If you’re already grossing over $100,000 and want to increase that quickly to the mid-six figures and beyond, let’s have a brief conversation about whether this program is a fit for you. The cost is only $4,500 and you’ll earn that back from just one or two of the new clients it will generate.

If you want to find out, contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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