Intensive Coaching for CEOs and Entrepreneurs

Coaching for CEOs and Entrepreneurs


You launched a business…and it worked!

You went from a tiny makeshift space to something much larger…

You went from doing everything yourself or with a small team to teams and departments and “direct reports”…

And now you’re business has taken on a life of its own…

You’re exhausted.

You’re overwhelmed.

Your expenses are out of control.

Your sales team is not producing…or they’re producing
more than your production people can handle.

Your quality control is out of control.

and you sometimes feel it is ALL out of your control!

Let me help you take it back.


Hi. I’m Sandy Schussel.  

If any of this sounds like your situation, it won’t take too much to turn things around.

The problem is that the incredible entrepreneurial and technical skills that got your business off the ground won’t work for you anymore. You need to boost your leadership, coaching, and managerial skills. And you need an honest sounding board and accountability partner whose only objective is to help you continue–and accelerate–your growth in a way that feels like it’s completely in your control.

You don’t need a coach, you need results–results that happen BECAUSE of your leadership and not DESPITE it.

Most business coaches work with either small business owners whose problems are finding customers and staying alive or CEOs of top companies who answer to a Board of Directors and shareholders.

I work with people like you–the ones in between, who are building a legacy for their families or hoping to cash out to a larger entity.

I challenge you…

Spend 60-90 minutes with me on the phone or face-to-face online and let me offer you some insights into how to address some of your challenges. At the end of our time together, you’ll know what you need to do. I’ll ask you only one question–whether you want help with it or not–and either answer will be the right one. If you DO want help, we’ll talk about a coaching program.  If you don’t, we won’t have that conversation. But you’ll leave with a plan to solve at least one of your biggest challenges.

SCHEDULE THE CONVERSATION WITH ME NOW and get ready to significantly reduce your stress level.



Intensive Coaching for Financial and Insurance Professionals | Build Confidence, Improve Communication, Lead

Intensive Coaching for Financial and Insurance Professionals | Build Confidence, Improve Communication, Lead