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Sales Happen in THEIR World

Don’t shame or try to stifle your natural feelings of insecurity around your biggest clients. Do, however, put those feelings aside, by understanding that your clients are worried about themselves, too! Since sales can only happen on THEIR turf, change your focus to how you can help THEM feel more at ease.

More on DOers

In case you’re still fuzzy from your nightcap (and that’s YOUR business), here’s a morning REcap of last week’s topic to get you going strong. It’s Sandy’s business to remind you to DO what you do no matter how you’re FEELing, and that the key is to pick your poison…or, your perspective.

A Fish Tale…Keep the BIG Ones!

You know you should throw the little ones back, but are you afraid to buy the bigger frying pan? Sandy spins a short, strong story of an old man and his grandson, and encourages us to invest in the infrastructure that will give us the room to really *cook* our successes.

Who’s the BEST at What You Do?

If you’re NOT the best at what you do, either you don’t BELIEVE you are, or you haven’t COMMITTED to it yet. If you decided to believe you were, what would you do differently than you’re doing now?

Alter Your Results…

All systems are made up of complex parts. If you’re dissatisfied with the results you’re getting, you must be willing to dismantle those parts to build toward the results you really want.

Quick-Fix Your Referral Mindset

Don’t deprive your clients of the opportunity to come to the rescue of friends and family. Sandy flips the fear of referrals on its head in Power Minutes, Episode 2!

A Minute About Self-Discipline

In Sandy’s very first Video Blog entry, he warns us against the mistake of forgetting that “discipline” is a choice just like anything else.