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Learn to EARN Referrals

Satisfaction is the lowest acceptable level of service to a client. You have to know you deserve referrals–and to really earn them, you have to go for the gold!

Is This the Best Thing?

Are you finding yourself spending too much time focused on unimportant distractions and wondering how you can better manage your time? This week, Sandy offers a super simple, low-tech solution to this familiar problem. Implement his suggestion, and you’ll flow through your day focused on the progress that REALLY matters.

Learn That Two-Letter Word

Are you overwhelmed?  You might be spreading yourself too thin, and wavering from the focus on what you most want to accomplish.  Sandy explains Warren Buffett’s insight on the difference between a successful person and a REALLY successful person: the latter says “NO” to almost everything.

A New Response to the Fear Factor (cont.)

The President of Liberia reminds Sandy of an important aspect of “Do It, Anyway”: chasing your dreams no matter how scary they are.  The bigger they are, the scarier they’re bound to be!

A New Response to the “Fear Factor”

When we were children, and we ventured out of our safe neighborhoods, we learned, “It’s not ok, back away!” But if you’re chasing your dream, the OLD response is inappropriate. Now, when you reach up and out, you need to learn that it’s OK to be afraid.

Commitment FIRST

If Sandy promised you a $100,000 bonus if you were able to double your income in the coming year, what would you do differently in your business or practice?  Then, answer this: Why aren’t you doing those things NOW?  Until you decide, mull it over like a warm wine in this 10th small sip of Power Minutes!