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Do We Even Know What “Selling” Is?

Advisors and other salespeople often mistake “selling” for the art of persuasion. But really, it’s about making meaningful (sometimes emotional) inquiries into your prospects’ lives, so that they can determine for themselves that you have what they need.

Don’t JUST Watch Your R.O.I. . . .

We all know to watch our Return on Investment–but what about our Return on Effort?  Sandy explains how we can make sure we are maximizing our time and earning the money we deserve through our highest-value client arrangements.

Say Thanks, and…

What’s the best way to choose what to do when you’re stuck on something major? Let “yes, yes, hell no!” be your guide. If your Intuition and your Reason are aligned, you need to reinterpret the loud voice of your Fear: it’s actually a sign that the first two voices are powerfully on the mark.

Getting in Front of Centers of Influence

Create a referral network with Centers of Influence by finding someone you can act with. An advisor and an attorney, for instance, can create an infinite feedback loop of referral relationships just by mutually agreeing to send clients to one another. Sandy explains how to “trade referrals” thoughtfully with COIs in this month’s Power Minute.

The Psychology of Referrals

The referral conversation became uncomfortable because the advisor was uncomfortable. “Will my client think I’m needy?” You have to know that referrals are good for your clients by remembering that it’s not about you; focus instead on your desire to help.

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You’re NOT Missing the “How To”

What’s one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves?  You may recall you have to choose to accomplish anything in business.  But it all starts with a desire to change, and sometimes, when we’re honest with ourselves, we’re even missing that.  Sandy will help you to uncover your truth–and to tackle the problem.

Make a Referral Mindshift

Shift your perspective around asking for referrals, and more will follow. Sandy can help you move away from your NEED–the ugly thing that gets in the way.

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