May 26 2017

It May Seem Contrary, but…

It may seem contrary to Sandy’s best advice, but “Challengers” actually get higher marks than “Relationship Builders” when it comes to making sales. Sandy explains why, and how being a Challenger when it comes to making recommendations is actually the best way to serve your clients.

Feb 09 2017

Super Bowl Comeback!

Desire, belief, and willingness can get you anywhere you want to go, even in the unlikeliest fourth quarter. In light of the unprecedented comeback in Super Bowl 51, Sandy explains the three essential elements you need to succeed.

Dec 27 2016

Happy New Year! By NEXT Year…

Plans for 2017?  Resolve to *never* make an empty resolution again!  By 2018, you’ll be a finisher. If you’re a financial or insurance professional, join my complimentary Business Planning Webinar this week at, and download the Business Planning Template I’m giving away when you register.

Nov 15 2016

Exercise Your Influence Muscle!

Even clients who’ve been adamant about not giving referrals will be willing to introduce you to someone if you’re specific about who you want to meet. But how do you figure out who to ask about? In today’s PowerMinute, I explain how to do your research… _____________________________________________________________________ Register for My Webinar Today! Want to substantially increase

Oct 13 2016

Relationship Question: Is It the Right Time…

We’ve heard all the theories on the “right timing” of getting referrals from your clients. But there’s an easy way to tell if it’s ok to ask! First, ask about the relationship…using the core questions in this week’s PowerMinute. _____________________________________________________________________ Register for My Webinar Today! Take advantage of my 17 years of experience working with financial

Sep 12 2016

We KNOW That Referrals Are Good for US, but…

You got into your business because you wanted to help people. But the people you help want to do the same! Change your mindset to give CLIENTS the opportunity to serve those they love by referring them…to you. _____________________________________________________________________ Take advantage of my 17 years of experience working with financial and insurance advisors at all

Aug 03 2016

Success Is about Action…

How is your world occurring to you? Play a game where you do and say what the “best” in your profession would, rather than what you would usually do and say. Sandy explains how being that successful person (by acting as though you are) will open the door to your own personal best.

Jul 14 2016

To Close the Sale…

If clients like and trust you, they’ll want to do business with you. But when you’re trying to close a sale, you can’t be focused on pleasing people. You have to be focused on serving them.