Apr 30 2015

Learn to EARN Referrals

Satisfaction is the lowest acceptable level of service to a client. You have to know you deserve referrals–and to really earn them, you have to go for the gold! Want to learn more? check out my Referral Mastery Webinar Series.

Sep 30 2015

The Psychology of Referrals

The referral conversation became uncomfortable because the advisor was uncomfortable. “Will my client think I’m needy?” You have to know that referrals are good for your clients by remembering that it’s not about you; focus instead on your desire to help. Now’s the time to join my *REFERRAL MASTERY WEBINAR SERIES*, Six Thursdays starting October 15th at 2pm EDT.   The Early Registration price will

Mar 18 2016

Do We Even Know What “Selling” Is?

Advisors and other salespeople often mistake “selling” for the art of persuasion. But really, it’s about making meaningful (sometimes emotional) inquiries into your prospects’ lives, so that they can determine for themselves that you have what they need.

Sep 12 2016

We KNOW That Referrals Are Good for US, but…

You got into your business because you wanted to help people. But the people you help want to do the same! Change your mindset to give CLIENTS the opportunity to serve those they love by referring them…to you. _____________________________________________________________________ Take advantage of my 17 years of experience working with financial and insurance advisors at all

Mar 24 2017

You’ve Got It Backwards…

  Sandy explains how “I would do it if only I had the confidence” is a backwards concept, and how to get the confidence to get things done. Want to increase your confidence? Book a fee-waived consultation with Sandy!

Jul 06 2015

You’re NOT Missing the “How To”

What’s one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves?  You may recall you have to choose to accomplish anything in business.  But it all starts with a desire to change, and sometimes, when we’re honest with ourselves, we’re even missing that.  Sandy will help you to uncover your truth–and to tackle the problem. Want to

Oct 13 2016

Relationship Question: Is It the Right Time…

We’ve heard all the theories on the “right timing” of getting referrals from your clients. But there’s an easy way to tell if it’s ok to ask! First, ask about the relationship…using the core questions in this week’s PowerMinute. _____________________________________________________________________ If you want to get more referrals, book a fee-waived consultation with Sandy!

Oct 29 2015

Getting in Front of Centers of Influence

  Create a referral network with Centers of Influence by finding someone you can act with. An advisor and an attorney, for instance, can create an infinite feedback loop of referral relationships just by mutually agreeing to send clients to one another. Sandy explains how to “trade referrals” thoughtfully with COIs in this month’s Power

May 27 2015

Make a Referral Mindshift

Shift your perspective around asking for referrals, and more will follow. Sandy can help you move away from your NEED–the ugly thing that gets in the way. And whatever you do, KEEP REACHING…