May 26 2017

It May Seem Contrary, but…

It may seem contrary to Sandy’s best advice, but “Challengers” actually get higher marks than “Relationship Builders” when it comes to making sales. Sandy explains why, and how being a Challenger when it comes to making recommendations is actually the best way to serve your clients. Watch the video, and contact Sandy if you want

Mar 24 2017

You’ve Got It Backwards…

  Sandy explains how “I would do it if only I had the confidence” is a backwards concept, and how to get the confidence to get things done. Want to increase your confidence? Book a fee-waived consultation with Sandy!

Feb 09 2017

Super Bowl Comeback!

Desire, belief, and willingness can get you anywhere you want to go, even in the unlikeliest fourth quarter. In light of the unprecedented comeback in Super Bowl 51, Sandy explains the three essential elements you need to succeed.

Dec 27 2016

The New Year is Almost Here! By NEXT Year…

Planning for 2022?  Resolve to *never* make an empty resolution again!  By 2023, you’ll be a finisher. Make part of your plan to learn how to get dozens of quality introductions in an easy, comfortable way with my Referral Mastery Workshop Series, starting January 11.

Nov 15 2016

Exercise Your Influence Muscle!

Even clients who’ve been adamant about not giving referrals will be willing to introduce you to someone if you’re specific about who you want to meet. But how do you figure out who to ask about? In today’s PowerMinute, I explain how to do your research.   Want to get more referrals? Schedule a no-fee