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Don’t take it from him–hear what others have had to boast about working with Sandy.

Anita Fresolone, Marketing Director, Palmer Square Management

When we booked Sandy, he dove right in to customizing a talk that would fit our needs.  He really listened to us, and that resulted in a presentation that was full of useful information, solid examples and great suggestions.  It inspired the audience to take a look at their businesses and see where they could make improvements….and that was certainly the goal!

Kenneth A. Armstrong, Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

I engaged Sandy because my business, although successful, had stopped growing.  I considered pursuing another professional credential but quickly realized that wasn’t going to be the spark I was looking for.  After an introductory conversation I felt Sandy was not only sincerely interested in helping me but very qualified as well, so I hired him on the spot.  Sandy is thoughtful, talented, insightful, and skilled at getting to the heart of the matter.  I’ve learned to slow down and ask more questions to gently lead people to realize they need what I have to offer, without telling them so directly.  My business is growing again and I’m having much more fun.  Thank you, Sandy, for your insights and your caring.  I’m grateful for all you have done for me.” -

Olga Espiritu, Financial Services Representative

I worked with Sandy as my coach recently, trying to pick up my business again after maternity leave.  I recommend that you consult him, because it’s an opportunity to grow and expand your business/income.  He used to be our company coach, and no one besides him and my manager at the time helped boost my career so much when I needed it most, those years ago.  What I love about Sandy is that he specializes in working with people in our industry and line of work.  If you get the opportunity to talk with him, take advantage of it.  Talk to him and see if he’s someone who’d be worth your while to invest some time with.  He has been for me.” -

Augie Abbatiello, Financial Services Representative

I have been a financial advisor for over six years now.  Until this year, my practice could be defined as stagnant at best.  I had small growth over the years, but I was not increasing my practice at the pace I wanted.  I had a good sense of why I was struggling, but I could not hit water if I fell out of a boat.

That is when I decided to make the best investment in my practice, and to work with Sandy Schussel.  Working with Sandy was life changing.  Together we broke down my business to the very basics.  We role played conversations and scenarios that I came across in my day-to-day activities, and we looked at where my income was coming from and at what I was doing to serve my clients.

I went from having a SALES-based practice, spending tremendous time and effort with little return, to a SERVICE-based practice that is geared to my personality and gives everyone I speak to a unique client experience.  I am now working with my ideal clients and my income has seen a HUGE improvement.  I went from being uncomfortable and awkward in my business interactions to becoming an ally to my clients, and to finally showing my genuine passion for helping people—free of the sales jargon that always confused my message in the past.

As Sandy puts it, I went from PLEASING my clients to SERVING them.  By just explaining this simple but very important concept to me, and showing me how to perfect it, Sandy enriched my life and my clients’ lives tremendously.

Instead of just going through the motions, I wake each and every day excited to serve someone new, and my practice for the first time ever has consistent enthusiasm and purpose.  Most of all, I am more comfortable asking my clients difficult questions about their families, their situations, and the status of my relationships with them.  This has allowed me to understand the dynamic of my professional relationships and has led to more qualified referrals than ever; it has also allowed me to become even closer to my clients.

I am a more confident, productive, and enthusiastic financial services representative because of Sandy Schussel!  Sandy is a true professional and someone that you can open your mind to.  He doesn’t just tell you what to do, he practices what he preaches.  He creates a comfortable atmosphere to share ideas, uncover problems, and discover ways to thrive in your area of expertise.  Sandy also has a multitude of books, articles, and resources to give you different perspectives on tailoring your practice to your specific personality and needs.

If you are willing to take a hard look in the mirror, listen to positive constructive criticism, and to change, I strongly recommend working with Sandy.” -

Ryan Smith, Senior Associate

Sandy has been a true catalyst in my developement as an advisor and a business owner.  I found him at a point in my career where I knew I had tools for success but had no idea how to use them.  Not only did Sandy show me how to use those tools, but he gave me many more.  In addition, he helped me get my thought processes organized, which brought my focus to a new level.  When we started working together, my income was not anywhere near where I wanted it to be, but more importantly, I had a lot of anxiety about how to get the ball rolling on a career I really loved.  Sandy helped me tune out all  the noise, and almost instantly, drastically improved my income and my ability to maintain the right state of mind.  Sandy definitely put me on a great trajectory and he provides what’s needed for me to stay on it.  Thank you, Sandy.  I am truly in your debt.” -

Terry Lindner, ChFC

I have worked with Sandy on many different occasions over the years. He is insightful as a coach, experienced as a mentor and trainer, and can provide guidance and motivation to any business professional. If you are looking to improve your sales skills, time management skills, or your overall performance, then I highly recommend Sandy.” -

Rich Vaill, Vice President, Provident Bank

I first met Sandy about 4 years ago when we were members of the same networking group. I then came to a crossroads in my life where I needed to hire a career coach, and I immediately thought of Sandy.

I decided to work with Sandy for eight sessions and the results were outstanding. Through his coaching, I was able to get myself on track and into a job that was much better suited for me. I learned how to focus on getting results and not waste time and energy on things that weren’t important. We also discussed some entrepreneurial ideas that I had and will be working on in the future. Sandy gives you support when you need it, and holds you accountable to your committments.

I have already recommended Sandy to others, and will be working with him again in the near future. If you’re looking for a business or career coach, I highly recommend him.” -

Michelle Koss, Sr. Financial Services Representative

When Sandy invited me to join his program, I jumped on the opportunity. I wanted to boost my practice so that I could be at home with my children as much as possible, without losing income. I wanted to work fewer days and make more money. Sandy’s workshop was really helpful, but even more so, in the individual coaching sessions, he got me to commit to making more appointments and getting more referrals on the days I’m working. Now, I am earning more money without giving up my time to be with my family.” -