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Case Studies


Amanda wanted to start her own telemarketing business and was being discouraged by everyone who mattered to her.

“It’s a bad time to start,” they told her.

“You’re better off sticking with your sales job,” they told her.

These were people she cared about, so she took them seriously.  But still, she wanted to have her own business.

With Sandy’s support, she started her company and developed a “prospecting” plan.  By the end of her first month in business, she landed her first client.  She reached her goal of gaining 10 clients in the next six months.  She continues to expand her operation every year.  You can find Amanda’s company at



Bruce had always relied on existing business relationships to support his incredible recording studio, but now, his clients’ industries were cutting back, and he was struggling to pay his bills.

Working with Sandy, Bruce found a comfortable way he could attract new clients and serve the existing ones better at the same time.  Now, Bruce is busier than ever and is still providing the personalized quality service that has kept his customers loyal for years.  Find out more about Bruce’s work by emailing



Jay, a financial advisor, was hesitant to ask his clients to refer him to new people because when he did ask, they always seemed so uncomfortable.  It turned out that his clients were feeling uncomfortable because they sensed his discomfort in the asking.  By getting Jay to see the benefit for his clients in allowing them to share his help with those closest to them, Jay has become excellent at asking—and receiving—quality introductions.



Scott had acquired three sales people and had made no new sales.  Within days after teaching him some simple management techniques, his team began bringing him new clients.


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